Why Books Are Better Than Films?

In the era of technological breakthrough, popularity of films is growing. Film is an important art which helps people to investigate culture of other nations, and find more about specific area of interest. This is the way we can expand our worldview. As such, why do we need books? Is it better to watch film and save time? I can say there are a number of reasons for you not to throw away books and go to the nearest library and chose one to read.

  1. Books expand your word stock. When you are watching films, you do not pay so much attention to the words used by actors, in the comparison with reading of books. When you read a book you can take time for concentration on what is written.
  2. Improve your professionalism. If you want to become a specialist in some area, it is better to learn something with book because professionals prefer to write books while sharing their experience. So, more books are available on your specific area of interest. For example, English is my second language and to improve my level, I always read books. If you want to improve yout English language, I would recommend you New English File and Grammar In Use (to improve your Grammar)
  3. Develop your imagination. Imagination is an extremely important issue in our world as soon as there are more opportunities for creative people. When you read a book, characters and scenes spring up in your mind and you create your own film while reading your books, the book becomes a virtual reality. My favourite book is Harry Potter. This is one of the books that can take you back to your childhood and remind you that fairy-tale exists.
  4. You chose time duration for book. Yo can read it faster or longer and come back when you have time for it
  5. Book is more portable than film. You can take a book even in school and read during a break, enjoying with a favorite.

What are your favourite books? And what do you like more reading books or watching films?

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