What Is True Love?

Many people tried to define the word “love” and each person was defining it in own way. All people are unique, with its stereotypes, desires and meanings. Therefore, the definition of the word “love” is different for anyone. In this article I would like to define what is “true love”?

Love is an extremely powerful feeling which makes people change the world in a better way. When people say I love him or her because… Be sure they do not love. It is impossible to love because of she is beautiful, or he is wealthy and powerful. When you say “I love him because”… you mean “I am satisfied with him because I can get rid of my fears, be limited with my stereotypes or even because I can satisfy desires of my friends, relatives or other people.

All these biases relate to ego and not to the soul. Ego is a part of a conscious mind which is often considered as “yourself” however, it is not true. In order to find out what is “true love”, it is important to listen to the heart (Anahata Chakra), the location of your soul.

True love does not have any biases, it is always unconditional. Only such love can bring real happiness and harmony because you do not wait for any actions from your partner. You love him or her only because this one exists and you have only one desire which is to make your lover be happy.

Ask yourself: “Will I wish him or her to be happy even if we break?”. If your answer is yes, you definitely can love. Remember, love is an opportunity to find happiness, so don’t lose this opportunity and learn how to love without any prejudices.

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