Love Life And You Will Be Its All-Time Favourite

Fortune is what everyone looking for. Some people are fortunate and others are not. Why life chose ones as favourites while others are left without anything? Life looks so unfair. But it is not. Do you want to be fortune? Do you want to feel safe and be guarded by your angels? If yes, take into consideration that we cannot receive something without giving something instead.

Life is harmony and if you want to be a golden child of the universe, become fond of life. Give the universe your love, and you will be surprised how it is generous to you. Look around, take some time to notice how nature is beautiful, try to see good in people, give your attention to animals, take care of the planet. Be conscious in your actions and love yourself. You are a part of life. And if you think life is unfair and it does not love you, ask yourself: “Do you love yourself”?

Even if sometimes you find yourself grieving, think about what you make wrong. What lesson life is giving to you now. The universe loves you more than anyone else. It is unconditional love which is focused on making you better. Remember, life is not “goodie”, it is always good for you!

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