Vanity Is Your Main Enemy

Vanity is your first enemy on the way of spiritual growth. The more you grow and expand horizons of your interests the more chances that you can be caught in trap of vanity. So what is vanity and what is the difference between vanity and pride?

Vanity is a quality of a person who depreciates other’s point of view because he or she considers it is wrong and not worthy of attention. It is always excessive pride in own views, appearance and actions. Vanity is your first enemy because it does not allow you to grow further, you may think that you understood life and you can stop accepting other ideas. It is close to ignorance, lack of desire to be aware.

Pride is a reasonable and justifiable state of being proud. Contrary to vanity, proud inspires you to the development. It looks like an incentive, that your thoughts, views and actions are valuable. There is nothing bad in being proud. But, pride can be overgrown in vanity. So, it is always important to be careful about what you feel. Don’t allow yourself to stop, and move further.

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