Don’t Be Afraid Of Standing Out From The Crowd

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to reform (or pause and reflect).”

― Mark Twain

We need to follow social and ethical norms to learn how appreciate other people but we should not assimilate to them. I see a crowd like a mass of identical people and those who don’t have own meaning. They take care of what other people think about them and are afraid to say “no”. Are you an identity of maybe you a part of the crowd?

Following begins from the childhood. Want it or not, you follow your parents because they are the first people who show you how to live and behave in society. They admire you when you behave according to their norms and punish when you go against the norms they set.

It is okay when you are a child but some children never become adults…When you are like 20 years old and you are afraid to say no, that is a problem. You will never find your real “self”. Who you are? What do you like? How do you want to live?

The crowd never checks the information they get from other people. It always believe in what other people say and write. If the person is assimilated to the crowd he or she cannot think. While reading a book or watching a video, this one doesn’t use his or her thinking capacity.

Trying to be like others you will never start your own life way and spiritual growth because the spirit can be developed only with the help of a “personal experience” and the process of thinking.

If you find yourself in these words, take time and think about your preferences. Don’t be afraid to choose the life you want to live. No matter what parents say or what your friends think about it. Your life is in your hands, you should live as you wish. Don’t allow other people to pick up your choice!

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