What is important in life?

I always try to find out what is important for me and what is important in life. This question always step me back to who I am. You can be surprised but the answer to this question can tell you who is real YOU.

I was looking for this answer in YouTube and read other people’s meaning and I’ve found out that the most important in life are human values. That is to say, I absolutely agree with it. But, it doesn’t work for those who are liars.

I am sure it is impossible to be kind if you are not honest with yourself. It is impossible to love other people if you don’t love yourself. You cannot be fair with others if you lie to yourself. How can you respect others if you feel like a racist? How you can trust others if you cannot be as good as your own words. And the last, can you be honest to others if you don’t know who you are? Fake moral values are the worst important things that you can have.

Those people who create an illusion of morality and follow it because of looking good in the eyes of others or being afraid of karma will never understand what means to be a human.

Being a human means to love without any expectations to receive something instead of it. It means to be kind because you want to make other people lives better, brighter and a little bit easier. It means to be fair without being afraid to get the gate. It means to respect all people from different corners of the world. And the most important is to find love in your soul and be ready to share it.

Life is a journey and the process of acquaintance. To understand what is important in life, you should accept yourself and other people weak and strong sides. All we are different but we have common ground. We are getting acquainted with who we are. We are so similar but so different. Don’t blame others for their actions, follow your own. Make this life happier by making happier yourself.

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