What does it mean to love yourself?

“Loving yourself is not vanity, it is sanity”

Katrina Mayer

When I was a child, my mom has always told me, love yourself and other people will love you. Now I understand how she was right. If you love yourself, you are indestructible. If you love yourself, you accept both positive and negative aspects of your character, and no one criticism can hurt you. So, what does it mean to love yourself?

Acceptance. To love yourself means to face life. You don’t create an illusion around yourself. You adequately evaluate yourself and decide what should be changed and what you agree with. 

Achievement. To love yourself means to desire better life and realization of your dreams. You know that you can get whatever you want and you go further and reach your goals. For you, money is only a tool but not a destination. You know that your life depends on your decisions.

Development. If you love yourself, you don’t allow you to degrade. You focus on your interests and develop it. You understand that the best investment is investment in own development. You know that every day is a lesson and your aim is to learn it.

Positive thinking. The person who loves yourself tries to be focused on positive things. In our life, there are so many negative aspects, so it is better to focus on positive issues and attract them in your life.

You are not only a picture. The person who truly loves yourself, is the one who understands that appearance is not the most important issue in person. However, appearance significantly affects the initial impression. The person who loves yourself take care of own appearance but also develops the inner world which is much more important. We are a sum of appearance, knowledge, emotions and experience.

If you can find out your way of love to yourself, you will be surprised how the world around you can be changed. This inner light that you can ray out can be felt by other people and they definitely will have a desire to reach this light.

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