How to Find a Compromise?

“For the beauty of the rose, we also water the thorns”

-African Proverb

All people are different because each one has their life story. We come through happiness and sadness, fortunes and unfortunates, love and antipathy. We are always changing and our views accordingly. Sometimes, we are so confirmed according to own values, so it becomes impossible to accept other ideas and understand the behaviour of other people.

But we live in society and it is essential to be conscious and accept weaknesses of other people. Otherwise, you will find out how fake you are not only with these people but also with yourself. So, how to accept weaknesses of other people and find a compromise?

Ask. If you don’t agree with this person that is okay, accept does not mean to agree with it. But if you feel crushing rejection, ask why this person think like that. What life situation forced him or her to behave or make considerations in such way?

Imagine. It is well-known wisdom, you will never understand another person without “being in his shoes”. Of course, you can’t go through this life situation but you can imagine it. Feel it like this person felt. Such vision is extremely useful in life, it makes you human and empathetic.

Tell your meaning. You are another, and your life is differing. If you have a misunderstanding with a dear person for you, try to explain your meaning and your situation. Such conversation is better than avoiding a problem. Sometimes it is inevitable simply to avoid person because this person can be your parent, friend or beloved person. You have come through numerous happy moments and you don’t want to lose this one because of different views. Try to come to a compromise.

Accepting other people’s weakness is not easy, but you should be wiser and try to do it because of love. If you love, it is always easier to come to mutual understanding. Learn how to love and love sincerely.

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