What Is Wealth And How To Receive It?

“Wealth is the product of man’s capacity to think.”

Ayn Rand

We want to be wealthy for different reasons. First of all, it allows living the life we want. Secondly, it helps to fulfil our goals and desires. Many people strive for being wealthy all life but cannot find the way how to do it. So how to become wealthy and find your own way to success?

You should understand that money is only an indicator of your inner wealth and ability to transfer your personal qualities in the energy of money. Earlier, I thought that anyone can be wealthy and can be happy. Now, I understand that it requires work and self-development. The way you earn money shows the stage of your spiritual growth and resembles your best qualities.

For example, if your spirituality reaches only Muladhara chakra, there is a big probability that you can earn money only with the help of hard manual work. The person of Manipura chakra is a good leader and has essential organizational skills. Artists and talented people significantly developed Vishudha and Ajna chakras.

It does not mean that you should meditate and do nothing. You should receive experience, all these qualities are developed with the help of getting experience. It means that you should not wait when your talent come to you and tell you “Hey guy, let’s go and become rich”. Of course, no. It means that you should have a desire to find your talent and don’t be afraid of looking for it, even if it requires going out of comfort zone, conquering your fears and work on your insecurities.

A talented person is the one who reached a high level of proficiency in own craft. It is the one who is continuously developing own skills and strive for becoming better self than yesterday.

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