5 Reasons on Why You Should Conquer Your Fears

Fear is an unpleasant emotion which can be caused by the threat of pain or danger. All we are afraid of something as it is said: “each person has its own rats in the attic”. I also have some fears. For example, I am afraid of altitude, darkness and sometimes water. Not exactly water, I am afraid of being drowned due to bad experience in the past.

Yesterday I conquered two of my fears such as altitude and water. I visited Aqua Park and took a chance to go down from the highest waterslide. You know, it was extremely frightful, but I was so proud of myself after that. I understood how it is important to go out from comfort zone and conquer fears. And here is a list of some reasons why you should conquer YOUR fears:

1. Fears Set Limits In Your Life

You can’t live your life fully without overcoming your fears. Often, people refuse to take actions because they are afraid of outcomes. As a result, they waste a lot of energy on taking consideration about it but never try to change the reality. As soon as you conquer your fears, you will understand that life significantly depends on your inner power. Revealing this power changes your reality in a better way.

2. It Is Only In Your Mind

“Danger always looks bigger through the eyes of fear.” People are gifted with imagination but it also enables us to exaggerate situations in life. Stop thinking about the outcomes of your decision before you are going to try it. If it is not really dangerous and you are sure about safety regulations, set a rule for yourself not to judge the situation before you want to try it. 

3. Fear Wastes Your Energy

Thoughts are material and to realize your thoughts, we waste a lot of energy. Actions are not so energy-consuming as fears. Heart is beating faster, you are getting sweat, and in your mind there are many unpleasant outcomes of this particular situation and so on. In result, you are tired of your fears and do not have enough energy to act and to live happily. 

4. Do Not Attract Frightful Situations to Your Life

I believe that thoughts are material and fears are one of them. Fear is an extremely powerful emotion; as such it is extremely energy-consuming. The more energy you waste the more material are your thoughts. If you are always considering your fears, you can attract such situations in your life. The best way is to conquer it, firstly in your mind, and secondly in reality. 

5. Be A Better Version of Yourself

If you are striving for self-development and spiritual growth, you definitely face your fears on your way. As soon as I conquered one of my fears, I understood that I am much powerful than I thought previously. Believe in yourself, you can be a better version of yourself!

I wish you good luck in your future endeavours! I would be glad to see you as a subscriber of my blog if you liked this post. What are your fears, and which ones have you already conquered?

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