How to Improve Your English Skills? Most Frequent Questions.

As I mentioned earlier, English is not my native language. I have studied it at the university and even now I continue to improve my English. Also, I have been working as a teacher of English and as such, I have found out what are the main students’ problems in studying English. In this article, I will try to respond to the most frequent students’ questions…

#1 Can I Speak English without Learning Grammar?

It is one of the most frequent questions I was asked during my teacher’s career. And unfortunately, you can’t speak English fluently without knowing the basics of Grammar. You can learn some idioms and phrases but you will not be able to combine it and use it in a dialogue. It is important to know tenses, conditionals and modal verbs. Grammar is not easy, but it is the basis. To improve your grammar, you can use such sources as English Grammar In Use, and Grammar Way. If you want to improve your vocabulary I would recommend the New English File. Apart from, do not forget to buy a dictionary. Preferably it must be an English-English dictionary. It can help you to think in English. You may use the Longman Dictionary.

#2 Can I Learn English Only By Watching Films?

Of course, you can. But, it is essential to watch films in the right way. You should remember that it is not only entertainment but it is a lesson. Take your notebook and pen and be ready to write down unfamiliar words and phrases. After watching a film, be sure to learn all the written words and phrases. Also, remember than watching films is a good way to improve your vocabulary, you should also add some Grammar lessons to it.

#3 Is It Obligatory To Live In The Country Where People Speak English?

With the help of technological breakthrough, it is not obligatory to visit the country of the English language to learn how to speak English. You can immerse in the same environment with the help of books and films. Apart from, I know many incidents when people spent more than 5 years in a foreign country and could not learn English. It depends on your desire and the amount of time and efforts you are ready to put in. 

Are you a native speaker or not? What are your ways of improving your English skills?

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