Talk Like TED (Book Review). Do you want to talk like TED?

Do you like TED Talks? If you have already seen one of them, you know how persuasive they are. Those people who speak on the scene look like they are gifted orators, who can persuade anyone and who are always listened to carefully. Their words become worldwide artworks and not only people in the auditory are listening to them but millions of people watch their speeches on the Internet. What makes their speeches to be so exceptional? Why people are eager to listen to them? 

Carmine Gallo is a public speaking coach and author of the book “Talk like Ted”. To find out the secrets of TED speakers, he interviewed famous TED presenters and broken down more than 100 TED talks. Moreover, he also interviewed top researches in the disciplines of psychology, neuroscience, and communications.

Why this book is useful to YOU? I am not sure you are going to talk on TED, but I know that many people are afraid of public speaking and have a lot of problems with self-realization. In this book, you will find out 9 secrets of TED speakers and you will receive tools for better communication. If you have problems with public speaking, do not miss the opportunity to resolve your problem. 

If you want to buy this book on Amazon, simply click here

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