Academic Writing Working Experience and why being an academic writer is a useful experience for blogging?

I have been working as a freelancer for nearly 5 years. Now I am working both as an academic writer and blogger. And that is to say, these two “similar” works are completely different. But, being an academic writer is a useful way to find new interesting information which I can share here on my blog. Of course, I do not share essays that I sent to a customer, I mean knowledge and experience received while working as an academic writer. 

How did I start to work as an academic writer?

I have started working as an academic writer having zero experience in this field. First of all, my HR gave me a lot of information to learn. There were different types of formats such as MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard etc. That is to say, in my country, there is no such practice in the universities. As such it was super difficult for me at the beginning of my career. Before this job, I have been working as a teacher and tutor of English language. And that was all I knew before it. 

I have experienced the first failure in this sphere when I was fired because of “wrong sentence” in the paper. I was extremely disappointed because I didn’t have any other opportunities for making money. But, I put all my efforts and find a new job. I have been working as an academic writer there for 1 year and then changed it for better opportunities in another company. Now I combine both academic writing and blogging.

What Do You Need To Know For Working As An Academic Writer?

Most of the companies use “bidding system”. It means that you should set your price for the order and when customer chooses you as a preferred writer. On this stage, I faced some obstacles. I have a good rate and description of my account. But customers often chose other writers at a lower rate. I couldn’t understand “why” for a long period. And the answer is easy, they continue to speak with a customer after placing a bid. They try to convince customers to work with them. As such, I understood how it is essential to know how to convince people. Sometimes it does not matter what awards you already have but what you can offer “now”.

Have you been working as an academic writer? What is your experience?

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