What Is The Difference Between An Empath And A Highly Sensitive Person?

People often confuse a highly sensitive person with an empath. Yes, both types are very similar. An empath can be a highly sensitive person and a highly sensitive person can be an empath. But there are some distinctions between them.

Highly sensitive people are people who absorb a lot of information about the world than other people. It means that they often see connections between the events in life and as such, they often become exhausted from it. They need some time to relax from the oversaturated environment. Highly sensitive people also can be extremely empathetic to other people. In most cases, they are introverts due to their ability of introspection.

An empath is another level of high sensitivity. It is not simply understanding people’s emotions but it is absorbing other people emotional state. Such ability can be a gift or a curse. A negative and stressful environment can cause a panic attack or depression to an empath. Empaths can feel the energy and this ability enable them to heal people not only by the energy flow but simply with their attendance and warm words. Empaths are good friends because they are good listeners. They feel what other people feel and as such, they are best advisors. 

As I have already mentioned I am an empath and it is extremely difficult for me to be in an environment where people experience negativity. Sometimes, it can cause me crying and I even cannot explain to other people why I am behaving like that. I can’t stand people conflicts, scandals, screams. I do not simply observe it but it seems like I experience what they feel.

There were several situations when I felt the physical pain of other people and even asked “do you feel pain in your leg here and here” and they were replying me “yes”. They were shocked but recently I understood that such ability makes me be a good healer.

Now I am a practitioner of Reiki but that is to say, I started to feel the energy flows long before my initiation. I am not master yet, I simply use it for curing myself but hope to develop my abilities in the future. 

Do you consider yourself to be an empath or highly sensitive person?

5 thoughts on “What Is The Difference Between An Empath And A Highly Sensitive Person?

  1. Hello, I am an Empath also. I have had this ability my entire life, but within the last 12 years, I started to be clairsentient also. This means that I receive information in the form of words, pictures, and even mini-movies. I can read photographs also. I feel other people’s emotions through my left arm, which I have now been told is common. There are many things I do to avoid the things that you described above. You can use oils, crystals, and meditation to help remain solid when you get pulled or covered by other people’s stuff. I also cannot be around large groups of people for very long. There are too many energies and it feels exhausting after awhile. I think that highly sensitive people may be Empath’s who are blocked (either by choice or not). The chakras are an important part of the energy flow for Empath’s. Women are natural Empaths, though I have met a few men who are Empaths as well. Love and Light!

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    1. Thank you for reading and leaving such a nice comment. I am so glad that I am not alone on this way. I also have visions. But, I only learn how to use it correctly. Some people think it is amazing and can make you special. But I know how sometimes it can be overwhelming. You can rarely find a person who can feel the same. And it is not taught in school 🙂


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