AGATE – Magical and Healing Properties

Agate’s healing properties are well-known since times of Babylon. Ancient civilizations used it as a healing amulet and ornamentation. Comparing with other stones, agate has a lower intensity of vibrations but it is a good stabilizer for physical, emotional and mental health. 

This stone can help you to harmonize yin and yang and reveal your positive and negative sides. There is a wide range of agates in the world. You may find agate of different colours and forms and each of them has a unique healing and magical property.

  • Blue Lace Agate – good stone for harmonizing emotional sphere of life. It is bad protector but it can bring you encouragement and support;
  • Crazy Lace Agate – brings optimistic thoughts and offer support;
  • Dendritic Agate – it brings plenitude and completion to all ranges of life, from commerce to rural endeavours;
  • Fire Agate – full of mystery spiritual flame;
  • Laguna Agate – balances root chakra;
  • Moss Agate – improves self-esteem and brings abundance;

An amulet with agate can bring its wearer inner balance and harmony. With its protective properties, you feel self-confidence and support. Moreover, it is extremely useful for pregnant women and new mothers, because amulet with agate worn between the breasts produces better lactation. 

You will be surprised, but agate is a good amulet for writers as soon as it inspires them to express their ideas in a marketable shape. It is a good protector during travelling, as soon as it is an effective stone against traffic accidents.

Agate is a stone of imagination and inspiration. It provides physical strength and protects its owner from negative accidents.

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