What does it mean to stay in harmony? Obtain harmony easily

“No extremities, only peace and balance”

–         Alma

Don’t be so angry. Don’t be so excited. Don’t be so good. Don’t be so bad….But what should I be? Stay in balance, enjoy any experience you have.

I think harmony is our true nature. In case we used to call our emotions with the help of different words we also labelled them as “good” and “bad”. And when we feel “bad,” we think something is wrong, we call it depression, anxiety, stress etc. But is we feel excited we consider it normal.

Anyway, all that you feel is the only experience. Sometimes it is pleasant and it feels like you deserve it and it can’t be unpleasant anyway. But the main idea of the world we live in is learning…Both bad and good emotions we have is only the resemblance of this fact. 

It is our reaction to this experience. If you feel these emotions it means that you react on what is going on around you. It is amazing; you are still a student, an “eternal student” who keeps learning something new. If you experience good emotions, it means that you are able “to accept” the rewarding from the universe. 

But if you feel terrible, it means that you cannot accept what is going on. It is also good, only you are an artist of your world. So, it is your right to accept something or not. However, does not allow yourself to experience the same negative emotions during a long time. If you cannot accept this experience, refuse it. Or try to find balance and stop reacting on it.

So, what does it mean to stay in harmony? In my opinion, to stay in harmony means wisdom. Only a wise person can stay in harmony. If you accept both the positive and negative sides of the world and yourself, it means you are in balance. Why it is so essential to accept own negative sides? Only when you understand that you have them, you could accept other people and understand the essence of “your true nature”.

What is harmony in your opinion?

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