How to Become Concentrated and Focused?

“The power to concentrate was the most important thing. Living without this power would be like opening one’s eyes without seeing anything.”

― Haruki Murakami, The Elephant Vanishes

Distraction is so frequent guest nowadays. When doing something important or even not so important we walk in the clouds, dreaming about the best future or taking considerations about past events. And there is no “now” in our life.

And this is so frustrating because we live in the illusion of future and past and put less effort to live happily now. Leave your past in past, it cannot be returned, and stop dreaming all the way about your future. Your better future never appears without actions and concentration on your “now”.

Being concentrated and focused on what you are doing now is not as easy as you can imagine. Concentration can be your key to success but it should be practised as a necessary skill for your growth. So, how can you develop such skill as “concentration and focus”?

#1 Remember about Focus

At the beginning of your concentrated life, you will face such a problem as a distraction. Your mind used to think about the future, past, possible future, possible past…etc. Your task is to teach your mind to be focused on. So, try to be focused every day. Firstly, it can be 2-3 minutes, then 5-10. In such way, you will get used to it and it will be easier for you to keep focus.

#2 Meditate

Meditation takes you back to your true nature. With the help of meditation, you find out what it means to be calm and experience true happiness. But, before starting meditative practice discover for yourself what it means to meditate. It is not only sitting in pose of lotus it is about the state of mind and relaxation.

#3 Develop introspection

Introspection is an ability to analyze you, actions and thoughts and to make it better to grow both mentally and spiritually. It does not mean that you must conduct self-examination all the time. You can dedicate a part of the time for it and then analyze what distracts you from your goals and what makes you feel worse. Maybe you are distracted because of negative experience in the past and it does not allow you to stay calm now. Understanding it can help you take leave of negative past events and start living a new better life.

#4 Focus on one thing

In the era of information, it is so difficult not to be distracted by gadgets. But, if you decided to become concentrated you should stay concentrated even if you relax by watching your favourite film. If you watch a film, keep watching it. Forget about news on your phone or messaging with a friend. Behaving in such a way worsen your concentration and does not allow you to keep the focus on one thing.

#5 Enjoy every moment

Let me ask you a question. Is boring your frequent guest? If you are often bored it only means that you cannot fully enjoy life. Ask yourself more often what you like, what brings pleasure for you, what tastes delicious, what smells better… Maybe you forget about how beautiful your life is. Take a minute to enjoy nature and become inspired by your magical life.

#6 Relax

If your life is a continuous fight for reaching goals, it can make you feel depressed. You are the precious person in your life, so care and love yourself. Take a short break to drink aromatic coffee and enjoy a view from the window.

#7 Aromatherapy

Essential oils can also help you not to be distracted and calm down your mind. Such essential oils as lemon, lavender, bergamot, basil, and rosemary not only can boost your concentration but also strengthen your cognitive abilities and improve your memory. 

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