Story About How Amulets Integrated In My Life

I’ve got fascinated with crystals since my very childhood. When I was a child of nearly 5-6 years I’ve met a girl who worn an amulet on her neck. I didn’t know why but I was appealed with it and ask her “what is it on your neck?” She said: “This is an amulet. It protects me.” I thought how a little necklace can protect someone; it seemed so strange for me in such a young age. However, it was hard for me to believe in it I understood that I really like it and wanted something similar.

I lived in a small city, and amulets were not sold in ‘each shop”. So, I forgot about it till the time we came to the seaside with parents. That is to say, if you are travelling to some kind of resort, you meet a lot of shops with crystals, stones, amulets, and souvenirs. 

And then I bought my first amulet, it was a bunch of stones. It was an amulet for me who was bringing me luck, and together with my belief it really was a fortunate amulet. I was wearing it in my pocket everywhere and believed in the best. 

Unfortunately, I lost it, but my love for stones was not ending. I am not someone who has a lack of confidence and needs stones to boost my belief in own powers, but I really like crystals for its magnetism. There is something magical in it and I wanted to know what makes them so appealing. 

Now, I also have an amulet, it is a bracelet with black agate. I bought it as a protective amulet because it was a time when my psychic abilities were appearing in my life and I needed something to protect myself from a person who wanted to harm myself. 

It was a difficult time for me, but if your belief is ruining and you cannot cope with what is going on around you, you can buy a protective amulet which can boost your belief in yourself and help you to be protected from any sort of energy vampires. 

Book: Crystals for Healing: The Complete Reference Guide With Over 200 Remedies for Mind, Heart & Soul

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