Learn From the Best or Why It Is Essential To Be Lifelong Student

You probably heard that it is essential to be a lifelong student. But what does it mean, exactly? In my opinion it means that you should be always open to what other people say and try to understand why they are saying it. Many people say “I know better”, “I know everything” or “I am the smartest here”. I think those people who consider themselves the smartest are not as smart as they think.

Can the person be smart if this one does not want to hear another point of view and does not expand the horizons of own worldview? There are two ways of movement such as degradation and self-growth. Only you choose what way to follow.

If you choose self-growth, you must invest your time in it. It is harder but with self-development, you will get wisdom and could improve your life. Please do not think that I am about the money. No matter how much money do you possess, you can be unhappy even if you are the wealthiest person in the world.

But if you choose degradation, you don’t need to invest your time in development but be sure that your life will be worse only because you will not be ready to understand the reasons of your failures.

State of happiness and blessing is the result of being a lifelong student. Someone who accepts own ignorance is 50% in the right way. We all are ignorant in something, but if you accept and are ready to listen, you can change it.

Is it easy for you to accept the fact the you can be ignorant is some issue?

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