What Essential Oils Can Help You To Relieve Headache?

According to the research, nearly 20% of the population suffers from headaches and approximately half of adults experience this physical discomfort regularly (World Health Organization). People experience headaches from different reasons such as tiredness, anxiety, depression, stress etc. Some people take medicine whiles others simply live with it. It is the right of each person to choose remedies but here I would like to offer one of them. 

Aromatherapy is a kind of alternative medicine the main aim of which is to heal person with the help of natural essential oils. Aromatherapy is a good way to help you to relieve headache because it acts not only physically but also psychologically. Headache can be a result of psychological problems and to relieve headache you need to eliminate the original reason for it. Aromatherapy is what you need because you can choose the favourite essential oil and apply it for healing and relaxing.

There are top 5 best essential oils for relieving headache:

  1. Lavender – reduces stress, depression and anxiety, helps to conquer insomnia;
  2. Rosemary – reduces pain and insomnia;
  3. Peppermint – helpful in treating migraines;
  4. Chamomile – reduces anxiety and depression;
  5. Eucalyptus – reduces inflammation.

Choose your favourite essential oil and allow yourself to relax and calm down your mind. You are the precious person in your life so do not allow yourself to suffer from anxiety or depression. Take time from your tight schedule and dedicate it to your own psychological, physical and mental health. 

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4 thoughts on “What Essential Oils Can Help You To Relieve Headache?

  1. I live by those four. My son suffers from severe anxiety and he knows one of his remedies is grabbing his lavender oil. Great post! I also like rose oil. My meditation teacher always smelled of roses because she used it. It is also very calming. 🦋✨

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