What Is The Difference Between Productive Worker And Workaholic?

In the modern world, it is so easy to become addicted to work especially if you are an ambitious person with a number of goals. There is nothing bad in the desire to be an outstanding person who strives to get succeed in own field, but sometimes we forget this golden middle and value work higher than other important aspects in life such as family, love and friends.

How Important Work Is For You?

Ask yourself: “How important work is for you?”. If it important so what is more important for you? Family or work? You can answer differently on this question but those who prefer work are supposed to lose balance in life and lose the precious relationships in your life which can’t cost any money, the work is giving to you. Of course, sometimes you may see that relationships do not give you such feedback as it is seen with work. Your support, love and friendly approach can’t be valued appropriately, but it does not mean that you should close your heart to close people. It is better to talk to them and define what you like and don’t like in relationships. 

Are You Happy With Your Workload?

If you are working in someone’s company it means that you have a working schedule and before applying to this job offer you are acquainted with this job’s requirements. However, if you are the owner of business, it is sometimes difficult to control time dedicated to working and in most cases, you can be overloaded. Do not forget to get relaxed and have time for other things in your life such as family, friends or hobbies.

Got Stressed?

If you feel stressed with your workload, it is not healthy. You may cause depression, anxiety or stress with such an approach. If you got stressed, set yourself a free time “to forget about work”. Sometimes you may need 1 day and sometimes a week. It depends on how deep depression you have. We are not robots and are not obliged to work without a break. 

Do you agree with me? Have you found yourself stressed because of workload?

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