How to Program Crystals?

If you decided to buy crystals for any purpose you should know that you can program your crystal and make it work for your intention. If you bought crystal with the aim of protection you can ask the crystal to protect you and its power will be focused on realizing your intention. It does not mean that you give crystal power you simply make its energy to be directed on your aim. 

Setting Intention

If you chose crystal and want to program it, take it into your hands and ask for what you need. Be precise in your desire and do not ask for several. For example, when I bought agate amulet I asked it to protect me. Do not tell crystal “how to do it” simply give intention to crystal. Even if you did not ask the crystal to protect you or to heal you, each of gemstone has its own properties and it means that they act accordingly. While setting an intention you allow your crystal to be concentrated around “one intention” and it improves the work with a crystal. 

Visualization is Important

When you hold the crystal in your hands visualize that your intention is coming through your hands. Send vibrations to the crystal and imagine it like an energy flow coming through your body, then hands and reaching crystal. Be sure that nothing is distracting you, you can also fire up a candle to calm down your mind and set a magical atmosphere. 

What Crystal to Choose?

One of the most important aspects is that you need to choose a crystal which resonates with your desire. All crystals are different and used to perform particular tasks. You cannot ask the crystal to do something if it is not able to perform it. So, before setting an intention, be sure to choose an appropriate crystal. 

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