How Not To Hit the Panic Button Because of Coronavirus?

All we are well-informed about this terrible situation in the world. Pandemic disease caused by Coronavirus closed to each country and made us to be afraid of this new virus. We do not have a vaccine and it makes us to be alert. We are afraid to take an infection from someone. We are afraid of losing close people. This is terrible. This is even impossible not to hit the panic button…But, you should to calm down your mind and continue to live without this terrible feeling of fear. 

Your Mind is Your Super Power

Of course, we are people, and we are emotional. This is our prerogative. But this emotionality often obscures our mind and does not allow us to see the reality. The reality is that you should stay in balance and do not forget about harmony. Even in such difficult situation…Particularly, in such a situation. If you hit the panic button, it only makes you vulnerable to any disease. Your mind is your power. Did you forget that our thoughts are material? 

Take Into Consideration Physical and Psychological Aspects

Stay in balance means to take all preventive actions and stay calm. Wash your hands, use antiseptic, follow the requirements of your governance and keep to quarantine. Some people’s belief is so strong that they avoid doing all these things. But, let’s be realists with a calm mind. Only such a state can help you to stay both physically and psychologically healthy. Do not forget about balance, you have physical, mental and emotional bodies. So, to stay indestructible we are obliged to take into consideration each of them

I wish you to be healthy in any aspect, but only you can control your mind. Be healthy. 

What do you think about this virus? Are you afraid of it? What is situation in your country?

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