Beauty And The Beast Coloring Book (1)

Today, I would like to talk with you about my hobby which inspires me and help me to relax. This is coloring. I am not professional artist or colorist. I am amateaur, so please do not critisize me too much…This picture is from the coloring book “Beauty and the Beast”.

Be sure coloring is not only for children. It is a good way not only to relax after a hard working day or get rid of depression but is a nice way to boost your imagination and be inspired for the future endeavours. When I start coloring pictures I feel so immeresed in the process that I cannot even stop doing it.

This is the same as meditation. Earlier I told you that meditation is not only sitting in the pose of lotus. It is first of all state of mind. While coloring books, you can get this “true meditation” and find yourself in the flow of creative energy.


For me coloring books is the way of relaxation and also the way of finding creativity. Do you like coloring books?

Crayola Colored Pencils

Crayola Markers

11 thoughts on “Beauty And The Beast Coloring Book (1)

      1. Thats nice😁
        Even I love sketching you can check out my today’s post and my previous sketches as well I am sure you will love it😄🌼

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