Personal Space in Relationships. Why it Matters?

Anger simply means that your personal power – your personal space, your sense of being – has been violated.”
Iyanla Vanzant

All we are different; each person is an identity. And even your partner is different. You may have a lot of common features in character, you can also have similar hobbies, but you are different.

At the beginning of relationships, we strive to stay with each other as long as possible. We are getting acquainted with the character of our partners, his or her past. But, later you find out that you need to stay alone for some time and watch a film that you like, to read the book you bought yesterday and to visit a gym or beauty salon.

All people need personal space, the time which can be dedicated to considerations about the future, and analyzing the real situation. It is okay to dedicate time to yourself. So, don’t be afraid of it. You still love, but you also love yourself, and it is great. It is extremely useful to have personal space in relationships. Each partner can spend this time with friends and dedicate this time to the hobby.

It can refresh the relationships and helps to avoid routine. Of course, we should remember about the golden mean and do not forget about people we love. Don’t be afraid to ask for spending time together, and also give your partner personal space.

5 thoughts on “Personal Space in Relationships. Why it Matters?

  1. I remember being in a relationship and wanting to spend all my time with them for fear that if I didn’t they would forget me and stop loving me, it was a huge inner struggle but I’m glad to have started to overcome it 😊 great post!!

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