What is The Sense of Life? (My Personal Experience)

As you may see, I have not been publishing posts for a long time, and you know all this time I was experiencing stagnancy. I did not want to do anything, and quarantine was dampening me. I had a question in my life “what is the sense of life.” I could not understand “who am I” and “why I am here.” I think quarantine gives many people the opportunity to reconsider their approach to life in general. And now I found the answer to this question. I feel that I am in harmony. This answer is simple, but in my opinion, it can solve many problems of people.

If you want to find out what is the sense of life, it is essential to understand “what is life.” Life is growth and destruction. If you want to create something, old should be ruined. We, people, are parts of life and we are “life”, we are on the highest level of evolution. We help life to create and to destruct. We have the imagination to dream, and we have the brain to make our dreams come true. 

To be in balance means to be both insides and outsides equal. Your body should be a resemblance of who you are inside. What kind of person do you want to be? What body do you want to have? What impulse do you want to give to the world? These questions can help you in the understanding of who you are. 

Only you decide whether you are a creator or a destroyer, but if you choose the second one, you should understand that you destroy yourself first of all. So, let’s be artists and creators of life. Be whatever you want to be. Be in harmony.

What do you think, “what is the sense of life”?

2 thoughts on “What is The Sense of Life? (My Personal Experience)

  1. This is such an interesting question and an interesting post!! I agree with you, actually having the time to think during quarantine has made me question the sense of life and for me it’s all about growth and positive change and being myself the best I can be 😊♥️

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