How To Get Rid Of Fears And Feel Freedom?

Many people have some fears, and there is a wide range of these fears. Some people are afraid of height others have agoraphobia. Some are afraid of water, and others have arachnophobia. You can be surprised, but all these phobias can be melt away from your consciousness. The resolution of the “fear problem” lays down on the surface, and this solving is the acquisition of confidence in own power.

Recently I experienced significant problems with my nervous system. I had panic attacks and anxiety and could not understand what was the reason for all it. But, all was clarified. Only the wrong direction of thoughts bring to fears. If you understand what life is, you will never be hesitating in yourself. Nature is the process of creation, and nature created you, giving you the most powerful instrument for being an artist. And this instrument is your mind!

If life is a process of creation, you should be present in this process of creation. Take all the courage to think and to act as you want it. Stop thinking about your friends, parents, and other people if they do not ask you to help. You have one mind, and this mind should be dedicated to creating your own paradise. All the power is in your hands, and if you still think about your fears, the direction of your thoughts is wrong. It only means that you are not able to use this powerful instrument, “your mind.”

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